Chromium OS for Cr-48 with extras

Finally, the one thing holding back any release was flash. Finally got that working right. Actually two versions of 10.2 and 10.3 beta as the default.
There are also a bunch of other add-ons thanks to the binaries offered by Todd Vierling at this Link
This is a vanilla build for the most part. Aside from what comes with the standard Chromium OS code, This is a list of whats in this image:

  • Chromium OS 0.12.398
  • Chromium 12.0.733
  • I was going to change the boot splash, but ran into some issues. My attempt is still seen in the last few seconds of the boot splash... Ooops.
  • Flash 10.2.152 (This is what builds with the source originally)
  • Flash 10.2.153 (because the previous version is out dated and requires permission to run every instance)
  • Flash 10.3 Beta d180 (We might as well run everything bleeding edge, right?)
  • nano
  • p7zip
  • tigervnc
  • unrar
  • unzip
  • zip
Pretty much everything except the flash work is work borrowed from Todd. The quality of my builds are no match for the ones Todd had cranking out. Hopefully these will get us by until his Dev box is in working order again.
The download can be found HERE


If your not sure what to do with the image, the general idea can be found onTodd's Site

I hope to get a mario64 build up soon. I will try to get images out as regularly as I can until Todd and or Hexxeh re-enter the scene.


  1. will this cause issues if i'm dual booting ubuntu and i try to put this on?

  2. If you have upgraded the rootfs before with your dual boot setup, this shouldn't make a difference. I'm assuming you used the easy install script method? I haven't messed with dual boot all that much so I can't say for sure, but I would think you should be able to DD sdb3 to sda3 and be ok. That would wipe your current Cros install.

  3. I forgot to mention in the post.. The files for firefox are in the image also. There is a simple bash script in /usr/bin called "firefox" that points to /opt/firefox/firefox I couldn't get it to run (I have many times on other builds w/o any issue) I didn't put more than 10 minutes maybe into troubleshooting it either So that's something else to play with if anyone is so inclined.