Chromium OS for Cr-48 with extras

Finally, the one thing holding back any release was flash. Finally got that working right. Actually two versions of 10.2 and 10.3 beta as the default.
There are also a bunch of other add-ons thanks to the binaries offered by Todd Vierling at this Link
This is a vanilla build for the most part. Aside from what comes with the standard Chromium OS code, This is a list of whats in this image:

  • Chromium OS 0.12.398
  • Chromium 12.0.733
  • I was going to change the boot splash, but ran into some issues. My attempt is still seen in the last few seconds of the boot splash... Ooops.
  • Flash 10.2.152 (This is what builds with the source originally)
  • Flash 10.2.153 (because the previous version is out dated and requires permission to run every instance)
  • Flash 10.3 Beta d180 (We might as well run everything bleeding edge, right?)
  • nano
  • p7zip
  • tigervnc
  • unrar
  • unzip
  • zip
Pretty much everything except the flash work is work borrowed from Todd. The quality of my builds are no match for the ones Todd had cranking out. Hopefully these will get us by until his Dev box is in working order again.
The download can be found HERE


If your not sure what to do with the image, the general idea can be found onTodd's Site

I hope to get a mario64 build up soon. I will try to get images out as regularly as I can until Todd and or Hexxeh re-enter the scene.

My list of extensions, apps, and scripts for Chrome

Still having issues with flash in recent builds. I think I have it figured out though. The build I am working with is a few days old, so I am building from new code again for a final test.
In the mean time. I was making a list of my extensions before cleaning house. Figured I might as well put the list here... This is by no means my "recommended list". Simply a list of extensions and scripts I use.
In no particular order:

Yes, I know.... Copyrights. If you are one who uses torrents and use last.fm. this user script is a must have. 

Some web pages block chrome? There are a few. This usually gets past them.

Let's you scrobble from a bunch of services to last.fm... The YouTube music I watch scrobbles : )

If you use Tumblr, your gonna want this.

I don't know what I would do without this extension... Seriously!  The KB shortcuts are golden once you set them up.

Another one I would hate the Internet without. I will note, the toolbar is still buggy and lacking some features you get with FF. Technically it's not even a toolbar. I give them credit for producing what they have with little to work with. Since Chrome doesn't have toolbars. What Stumble has done is more of a hack. They are using the notification API (The API that allows the bar at the top of page saying a pop up was blocked, or you need to get a plug in) to produce what appears to be a toolbar.

Pretty self explanatory. I only enable this one whenever I use it.

Kinda like the torrent links above, but to sites like megaupload,  rapidshare, and the likes.

I have been using this extension religiously for a while. It has come a long way. The most recent updates give KB shortcuts.

I actually use j.mp but this works for j.mp as well. I rarely use this to share from, instead it's just a super convenient way to make a short link.

Because you don't always want to run all your extensions all the time.

This is a MUST  HAVE for me. I have a bad habit of opening way to many tabs. Sometimes upwards of 80+ in multiple windows. When things get a little sluggish. Use this to save all open tabs and start clean.

Just convenient as hell.

Pretty self explanatory.

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!  Search all personal items on Google. Docs, Mail, Attachments, Calendar  everything.

Still testing this one out.. It has potential.


Test post from G2

I'm not totally satisfied with this theme setup. The wallpaper is killer though. Need to shrink it a little bit I think. Get a different dock too.